Last updated: January 15, 2020

St Louis MO metro area

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Clockworks is the (working) name of a scheduling program that was created specifically for handling a unique problem that grocery stores and some other organizations may have. (-Note: the name will probably be changed at some point-)

Some employee schedules have a large number of employees, the shifts have a wide range of lengths and start times, and the schedules must be created to handle daily customer traffic and sales projections. Most sheduling software doesn't help with these issues much, but Clockworks was written specifically to make this problem easy to deal with.

This project was undertaken to develop software that allowed creating simple schedules quickly and easily, but that still provided extensive help with arranging large and complex schedules.

To make the software quick and easy to use, extraneous functions are minimal.

Interested parties are free to email me for more info on where the project is currently at.

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