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This is some journal pages about electric cars, found while researching on Google Books.

Early internal-combustion cars were relatively complicated to operate. They had roughly a dozen different controls for various aspects of the engine and transmission, that all had to be used in the proper order.

Electric cars were much more expensive and had much less range, but offered much simpler controls.
Towards the end of the first era of electric cars (around 1915) the electric car manufacturers began to take advantage of the control simplicity, offering designs that could not be uplicated in non-electric cars.

Some vintage electric cars had dual controls (for the front and rear left seats), and the front seats could swivel around rearward to allow conversing with the people in the rear seat easily.

Below is a Broc advertisement from 1913, showing the dual controls and one front seat turned around to face the rear.
Electric cars that offered dual controls took to using steering tillers instead of a steering wheel, to make the steering controls collapseable while they were not in use.
Also note the car gauges mounted centered on the ceiling, allowing the front or rear driver to view them.

Another advertisement for a 1913 Broc below, showing both sets of steering controls (the rear steering control behind the front seat).

Below is an article in the December 1913 issue of Motor World, showing a few different electric car manufacturer's versions of steering mechanisms.
This article notes nine different US electric car manufacturers that offered dual controls.
Two of the cars offered electric braking as well (providing reverse current to the motors, as opposed to using mechanical brakes).

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